Value Proposition Workshop

Bringing a new product or service offering to the marketplace, or retooling/relaunching an existing offer has many moving parts.  For medium and large enterprise companies, there are many teams that need to be part of delivering a value-based message to the company’s desired target audience.

A powerful, clear and consistent value proposition needs input from your corporate “village:”

* Product Developments

* Product Marketing

* Corporate Marketing

* CxO Communications

* Competitive Intelligence

* Analyst Relations

* Sales

Group of Multi Ethnic Business People Having a MeetingIt can be difficult to gather, interpret and integrate these many voices to get to the right value proposition that will sell.  How do you weigh the needs/concerns/requirements of each group – but still get it into customer language that will satisfy and drive the right buyer behavior.

Very few companies have a defined process for developing a value proposition.  Marketers tend to lean on how they did it at their last company, or a new leader comes in with another method.  Sales creates on-the-spot value propositions on their own, or use a short method embedded in their current packaged selling methodology.

What if you could balance and integrate all the input, install a defined, tested method that delivers results, and provides a platform that can deliver clear and consistent modular messaging that is easily integrated across all types of communications:

* Marketing Campaign messaging

* Marketing collateral

* Sales presentations

* Executive presentations

* Analyst Briefings

* Press Communications

* Social Media

Designed for:

Medium and Enterprise level companies who need a multi-disciplinary approach and a defined, repeatable method for both developing as well as upgraded value propositions that are clear, customer focused, targeted and differentiated.  Most importantly, the process helps you develop quantification and proof points that will really make it “sell.”

Based on successful value proposition development coaching with solo entrepreneurs, and small to medium size companies, we will help you refine and tighten your value proposition and teach you how to integrate it into your marketing and sales materials, programs and activities.


Standard Workshop:  2 day face-to-face program that includes a pre-work component, and 4 weeks of group coaching to finalize the value proposition and test it with internal and external audiences prior to launching it.

Quick Workshop: 1 day face-to-face program that delivers an overview and starts the development process.  Includes a pre-work component, and 8 weeks of group coaching to facilitate building all the components, including testing with internal and external audiences.



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