Online Course

If you asked 10 of your prospects and customers what your value proposition is, would they give the same answer that you do?

I bet you will be really surprised to find out how many different answers you get.  Developing the right value proposition – one that really resonates with your target audience – is not an easy endeavor.  But it is crucial to winning sales.

Here is a secret: the value in your product or service may not be the primary value they want to talk about. The reality is, they want to hear about the value it creates for them.  Do you know how to turn your product- or service-focused value prop into one that is completely customer-focused?

Our 10-module, on-demand and self-paced program guides you to developing a value prop that resonates with your target audience, delivers a clear, and customer-focused message, and the proof you need to back it up.

Designed For

Solo Entrepreneurs with limited resources of time, budget and expertise


Start-ups who need to craft a solid, differentiating message quickly


Small and medium companies who need a proven method to building a suite of value propositions across offerings

Based on successful value proposition work with both SMB and Fortune 1000 companies, we will show you the steps to translate your value into language that will get your target’s attention and help you stand out from your competition.