Online Course + Coaching

As many marketers and sellers have experienced, it is hard to be objective about your own products and services and to know the RIGHT words to say about it that will powerfully engage prospects and customers.  We tend to focus on our own features and benefits because that is what we know best and we believe there is value there.

But if asked, prospects will tell you that many vendors often fail to find that right mix of messaging that speaks directly to prospect needs, goals and objectives.

The result?  One message being delivered by marketing and multiple different messages delivered by sales trying to find the “hook.” It’s no wonder that your market doesn’t really understand what value your offerings bring.

Given how challenging it can be to be objective about your own offerings, or to know exactly how to craft the most engaging language that speaks to your target audience, we offer a guided coaching option that provides objective, market aware, expert assistance as you move through developing your value proposition messaging platform.

Coaching works in tandem with our 10-module, on-demand program.  As you complete each major section of the online development program, you spend a pre-scheduled hour with our experts in reviewing, discussing and honing each piece of the value proposition.

Designed For

Individuals, small groups and companies who want live guidance and an outside perspective to help hone and polish their value proposition and messaging platform


Solo Entrepreneurs who need affordable marketing expertise to get the message right


Small groups of entrepreneurs who have an even tighter budget but can benefit from not only a “right sized” price and input from other non-competitive entrepreneurs


Start-ups who have to get the message right and to be sure it’s targeted and tested

Based on successful value proposition development coaching with solo entrepreneurs, and small to medium size companies, we will help you refine and tighten your value proposition and teach you how to integrate it into your marketing and sales materials, programs and activities.