Are You Selling Your Value Proposition Short?

There are lots of resources, conversations, and challenges out there about the “value” of a value proposition. Given that the buyers have pretty much hijacked the sales process, it makes you wonder: do we even need value props anymore? 

Today, most of the value propositions buyers see are all product or service focused, rather than buyer-focused.  They are designed from the “inside – out”, meaning that vendors are talking about themselves and how great their products or services are.  While that might seem reasonable, it poses a problem for buyers: they have to find the value that’s meaningful by themselves. It poses an even bigger problem for you.  How much time do you think they will spend trying to hunt for buyer-focused value in your value proposition?  

We asked technology buyers how they felt about the value propositions they see from vendors, and what they need to see.  The answers might surprise you, and actually are not limited to just tech buyers – they also apply to many other industries as well.