SalesLeadershipSales Leadership Tips To End the Year Strong

It’s never too late – or too soon! – to make a tweak in your process that will provide a quick positive impact on your sales team’s success. In this e-book, twenty-five members of Women SalesPros™ organization contributed ideas and tips for you to think about, as the year quickly comes to a close.

Among the articles you will find in this e-book are:

Stand and Deliver or Have a Conversation? – Lisa Dennis 

Lead Your Team with Metrics and Measurement – Lori Richardson

How To Uncover Quota-Busting Salespeople Before You Hire Them –  Jill Konrath

Prompting Employee Referrals – Trish Bertuzzi

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33SocialSellingTips33 Social Selling Tips
By Social Selling Thought Leaders


At least 90% of B2B decision makers no longer respond to cold calls or email.  Obviously, it’s time we find a new way to get buyers’ attention.

Social Selling is the process of using your professional brand to fill your pipeline with the right people, insights, and relationships.  In this book, thirty-three experts from the Sales Solutions group on LinkedIn have shared some of their proven methods and ideas, to assist sales people everywhere in utilizing the power of social media to better connect with their prospects.

Among the articles you will find in this eBook are:

  • Is Your Value Proposition “Socialized?” – Lisa Dennis
  • 10 Things You Need to be Doing on Social Media – Don Cooper
  • The Social Sales Trifecta – Lori Richardson
  • What is Social Selling Anyway? – John Barrows
  • The Three R’s: Respect, Relationship, and Revenue – Marge Bieler
  • How Can Blogging Help You Sell? – Chris Heffer

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rise-above-the-chatterRise Above the Chatter

Customer-Focused Tactics & Strategies for Marketing and Sales Professionals

Breaking through all the “chatter” that your prospects and customers are subject to – this is every sales and marketer professional’s challenge.  You don’t want to just add to the noise; you want to add VALUE! This e-book is a collection of articles written by Lisa Dennis, president of Knowledgence® Associates, that provide insight into the strategies and tactics of successful marketers and salespeople, and demonstrate how to operate successfully at the intersection of Marketing & Sales. Among the articles you fill find in this eBook are:

  • What Sales Really Needs from Marketing
  • Your Sales Cycles is Not Their Buying Cycle
  • Time for a Value Proposition Reality Check
  • Creating a Customer Fit Index for your Territory
  • Finding Your “Lost Customers” – Relationship Recovery Tactics

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advice-flat-coverLuck is Not a Strategy
Crush Your First 90 Days

Back when you were selling, you never had much problem reaching your own sales targets. But now, as a sales manager, your job is getting top performance out of each member of a team, each with varying degrees of skills, experience, and motivation.  Completely different set ofchallenges.

Sales training expert Alice Kemper asked 15 leading sales trainers, authors, consultants and speakers, including Knowledgence’s Lisa Dennis:

“What’s your best advice for a new or emerging sales manager to build a team of top producers who meet and exceed quotas consistently?”

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Sell Better Sell More eBook

Sell Better and Sell More
23 Top Sales Experts Tell All

What ideas can help you grow sales?

This is the question we asked the women sales experts of Sales Shebang to tackle. But their challenge was also to provide you with ideas, insights and expertise that could be easily put into practice.

This eBook includes answers from 23 of our experts, including Lisa Dennis, Jill Konrath, Lori Richardson, Colleen Francis, Trish Bertuzzi, Colleen Stanley, and Andrea Waltz.

From strategy, positioning and planning to process, prospecting and closing, this eBook shares a wealth of opportunities for salespeople to elevate confidence, engage with style, and earn more business.

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