Client Testimonials


Our company was going through a brand transformation and at the same time completely rebuilding our external website. These two events together had significant implications on content creation. In order to prepare my team to meet this challenge I needed to get them quickly up to speed on the new branding writing guidelines for tone, phraseology, etc. I then had to assure they understood the new capabilities as well as space constraints of the new web design. In addition, the levels of skills for comprehending and developing a value proposition varied widely in the team. With a website of limited real estate, the ability to concisely articulate a value proposition is paramount.

Working with Knowledgence Associates and Lisa in particular, we were able to design a two day workshop that provided for a foundational knowledge of the new website design and content implications. We then spent a majority of the workshop on developing a compelling value proposition from the point of view of the customers – showing rather than telling. We had folks work in teams and provide peer-to-peer coaching, first within functional areas, then across the teams. (One of my secondary objectives was to foster more collaboration across the teams so this was a very valuable approach and did accomplish that objective!) We had them work on REAL projects, so after the two days they had a work product they could really use – and most have already!

Lisa was great to work with. She took the time up front to make sure we had a solid curriculum which was a combination of our material and her Value Proposition workshop, but managed to artfully weave the two together seamlessly. This planning phase was vital to the success of the program. She helped me organize the pre-work assignments, logistics, hand out materials, visuals, etc. so all was very well organized. At the workshop Lisa kept the team engaged with her dynamic style and the team exercises which made for a high energy work environment. Also we made it fun with contests and mini-prizes throughout the two days.

We received the following benefits from the project:

  • Significant improvement writing “story telling” skills in the team specifically in the type and quality of the value propositions
  • Created a cross- team understanding and collaboration
  • Accelerated our Web content deliverables schedule

Overall, it was a pleasure working with Knowledgence Associates. The expertise and professionalism was outstanding. We accomplished a lot and had fun in the process. I would certainly consider them for other projects.

Cathy G. Martin
Director Enterprise Marketing
WW Alliances and Industries
Hewlett Packard


Lisa has helped us to construct and implement our marketing plan: from value proposition to logo, from website design to television interviews.

Our value proposition, in particular, required a deep look at our capabilities and our preferred client profiles. She approached this systematically, building from our past project stories to our resulting choices for messages. She even pointed out that those resulting messages presented capabilities that would be valuable even for certain client profiles that we had not considered.

Lisa is organized, intelligent (the past clients and projects that she studied span the range from rocket science to brain surgery!), and a pleasure to work with, which is why we have returned to her more than once for help marketing ourselves.

Joel MacAuslan
Founder at Speech Technology and Applied Research
Mathematician | Physical scientist


Brilliant. There is no other word to describe Lisa Dennis and her grasp of marketing and value propositions. Lisa is a master of taking clients through her proven processes to create value propositions and marketing that attract the right clients and prepare them to purchase. I give Lisa my highest recommendation.

Laura Posey
Chief Instigator and Small Business Growth Expert
Dancing Elephants Achievement Group


I hired Lisa to help me broaden Cymfony’s position from a PR measurement platform to include a new set of social media capabilities that had just been launched. Her process and objectivity helped me look at the challenge in new ways and led to “Harnessing Influence 2.0”, a position that continued to differentiate us even as a host of companies offered similar services. In fact, when we were acquired, the acquirer cited our positioning as one of the factors that influenced their decision!

Even more importantly, her approach made this new positioning more than a marketing exercise. The resulting framework of value propositions and proof statements translated the positioning into a practical and powerful sales tools that made sure sales and marketing were in sync.

Do yourself and your company a favor: hire Lisa for strategy, positioning, and sales and marketing integration.

Jim Nail
Chief Marketing Officer


Lisa provided guidance to better define our corporate value proposition when I was at Fiserv. We used the value proposition and proof points throughout our sales and marketing communications. She is an excellent facilitator and helped us think outside the box.

Anne Fuehrer
Director of Marketing