“The advent of the ‘hidden sales cycle’ (the stages of the buying process that buyers are conducting on their own, without sales people) have made the value of the age-old value proposition formula become less and less effective.  Buyers are engaging with sales later and later in the process, getting to a short list of vendors before ever speaking to any one of them.  The pithy one sentence value proposition that is product or service focused does not work as well in that environment.

Rather than just delivering a description of the value your company brings to the buyer, we need to communicate the value the buyer seeks in achieving their goals or solving their challenge – in their language.”

An experienced salesperson and marketer, Lisa Dennis is president and founder of ValueProposition.expert and Knowledgence® Associates.  She is an international marketing and sales consultant, trainer, writer and strategist.  Her forte is in helping organizations develop and integrate customer-focused value propositions into the marketing and sales mix of B2B companies across a broad range of industries.

Prior to founding Knowledgence Associates in 1997, she has held  publishing, product management and marketing/sales roles at Bolt Beranek and Newman, Thomson CompuMark (a member company of  Thomson Reuters), The Center for Business Intelligence, and World Congress. Lisa has served on the Advisory Boards of Mindleaf Technologies  and Interbit Data, and is a founding board member of Sales and Marketing Innovators (SAMI).  She is co-author of 360 Degrees of the Customer, and a contributor to several nationally released ebooks.  She is also a member expert at Women Sales Pros.  Lisa has a BA in Writing from Wheaton College, and an MBA in Marketing from Babson College.