​7 Steps ​To A Value Proposition That SELLS

    I did a BrightTALK webinar recently that I think will be helpful. Most people think that a value proposition has to be short, short, short. I don’t necessarily agree. Brainstorming a 1-line value prop rarely results in a message that is extendable across communications platforms and is buyer-focused. Focusing on just a tag line or elevator pitch short circuits developing a Value Prop Platform that is both complete and flexible enough for marketing content and sales conversations.

    Watch my video to see how to create a Value Proposition Platform that gives you everything you need to embed your value prop into ALL kinds of marketing and sales content.

    About the Author Lisa Dennis

    Lisa Dennis is president and founder of ValueProposition.expert and Knowledgence® Associates. She is an international marketing and sales consultant, trainer, writer and strategist. Her forte is in helping organizations develop and integrate customer-focused value propositions into the marketing and sales mix of B2B companies across a broad range of industries.