Your Summer Reading List

    If you haven’t yet put together your summer reading list (and no, I haven’t either!) – here is a list of great reads that will help you gain new skills, refocus your efforts, and PLUG YOU IN to the strategies, tools and tactics you need to make 2015 your most successful year.  I am lucky enough to be personally connected to many of these authors, and I can tell you – they are great.  I’ve learned amazing things from them.

    Also – I am proud to be on this list with two of my own publications:  My latest, released this year:  The Simple Plan for a Value Proposition that Sells,  and a co-authored title:  360 Degrees of the Customer.

    I plan to pick a few titles, pack my beach bag, and do some “summer learning.”  Hope you do too – enjoy!

    About the Author Lisa Dennis