Have you taken the Value Proposition Test?


A strong, compelling value proposition is crucial to gaining traction with buyers that have limitless options.  Yet getting to a clear, crisp, consistently communicated value proposition is often quite difficult. Test it in your own company by asking 10 people what your product or service value proposition is.  Lots of different answers?  If it isn’t clear internally, it’s a sure thing that your market won’t get it either.


Knowledgence® works with companies to translate their offerings from a purely feature/function orientation to a customer-focused value proposition platform that resonates with buyers.  We move you beyond just an ‘elevator speech’ to help you develop, hone and test a messaging structure that is easily adapted across the many communication channels that your buyers engage in.


Unlike other options, we help you develop it your way: self-paced online development, coached development, or live workshops.